Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Berserkers Galore

So as usual I've been bouncing from project to project - Mighty Armies, a dragon, and Viking Berserkers.

So, for today I'll show the berserkers in progress.

I've actually finished the first four but haven't had time to take the photos yet. But the above shows where I'm going with them. These are foundry figures and are a joy to paint. I did think about varying the bear skins but in the end, decided to do 'em all pretty much the same way.

My intention was to complete all ten, including a leader model but as is the way at the moment, something else came along, namely Infinity. This is a new game for me, though its been around for a while. Its a skirmish level tactical sci-fi game. I've started on one of the troopers and photos will follow this weekend.

But then, Christmas is now getting in the way as my wife has come up with an excellent idea. My wife has two brothers who are both Dr Who fans and so I've been commissioned to paint the current doctors and assistants. As I need to do these by 14th December I guess I'll have to curb my butterfly nature and focus on just these.
Can't say I'm complaining as I'm looking forward to painting them. The figures are from Heresy Miniatures and the likenesses aren't too bad. So I'll keep this post short and post a longer one including all the doctors after the weekend.

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