Sunday, 3 November 2013

A bit here, a bit there

So a couple of weeks have gone by and its time for an update.

Firstly we have Professor Erasmus.

This is an Empire of the Dead model, another gift from Andy. I really, really like this model. The detail in the sculpt is brilliant and was a pleasure to paint. Not sure if I'll play Empire of the Dead again (where the model comes from) but as I enjoyed painting it so much I've already benefitted.

Next I have an old Citatel Centaur:

This one came from Kelly. I'm unsure about this one. Its going into the fantasy collection for the proposed dungeon bash for the time being but it may find its way onto ebay.

Lastly, after the dragon I dug out one of the Bushido starter sets.

These are the Savage Wave.

Firsly we have Zuma the All Seeing:

Followed by the first of the Bakemono Marauders:

And the other five as work in process:

These are very well crafted figures but do come in an inordinately large number of pieces. It took a night just to put them all together. Having said that they have also not required any filling what so ever.

With these done I'll be half way there. I've also been looking at scenery requirements. Sarissa produce some lovely buildngs which I'll be looking to pick up. I can use the scenery I have at the moment but if I like the game then I'll be adding it to the future purchases list.


  1. Good to see you havent painted all the pieces before putting them together this time ;)

  2. Well, I did with the big guy. That mallet is a model all on its own.