Sunday, 14 April 2013

Time to lay my cards

So, to keep up my blogging and to focus myself I think I'll lay out what I'm planning what I'm going to be doing for the rest of this year. So where to start. Well that are at least three projects I'd like to advance and probably more like five or six. I'll try to articulate them and then see if I can put them into some sort or order. So what do I want to do? 1 - The Wild West Experience. I recently got the Kickstarter bug and bought into the Wild West Exodus project, investing in two factions - Outlaws and Enlghtened, with my mate Kelly going for the Warrior Nation. This game has some great looking steampunk wild west models with a spiffy skirmish game to boot. As part of the promotion the guys behind the game built a terrain board that is spectacular. A Wild West town with a sci-fi twist. Its inspired me to do something similar. So I've bought a load of buildings and bits and pieces from two different companies. So my goal is to put these together and paint them ready to be used for Wild West Exodus. 2 - Bushido. Last year I went to Salute for the first time. A fantastic show but expensive to get there and get in. Well, at the show I came across a new skirmish game called Bushido. I've got a great interest in the orient and its mythology so bought a couple of factions with the intention of being able to give a game to others by providing both sides. Currently I've not done anything with these. So this goal is to get both factions painted and have a few games. 3 - Wild West Exodus - This is linked to the wild west town above. The models aren't due until September but I'd like to add this goal as an outsider. Paint enough to be able to start playing. 4 - Malifaux. As you will have seen I've recently gotten involved with this. I've already painted my crew, though one model's base needs completing. So this is a somewhat easier goal. I'd like to add a few more models to give me some options and, more importantly play a lot more games. 5 - Kings of War. This was the big thing for me for the latter part of last year and the first part of this. I built an orc army which I've already successfully used in a competition earlier this year. Well, this was the Kickstarter I got involved with last year and this June comes the remainder of the models I'm owed. I went into this with Kelly so, after we split the orc and undead faction models we'll need to have a chat about the rest to see who takss home what. So with my haul I'd like to get them together to increase the orc army I've got and give me more options. So this goal will be to paint up the trolls, war wagons, etc and add them to my army. 6 Warpath. Warpath is Mantic's answer to Warhammer 40K and Kelly talked me into picking up a starter set for a bargain. I've done a couple of units but have plenty more to do to get it to any sort of usable force. So this goal will be to paint all the units I currently have so that I have 1000 points worth to play with. 7 - Dungeons. I've always been interested in the fantasy side of the hobby, spending a lot of years playing and running role playing games before moving to wargames. And I've always wanted to build a 3D dungeon but never took it further than that. Well, this year, that's going to change. Hirst Arts produce some fantastic molds for this sort of thing and I've gone and bought some. So this goal is to build a dungeon. Initially it will be used for Malifaux but I have other ideas. 8 - Build a desert board. I've got a few boards knocking about but fancy a desert type board to use with the wild west buildings. I've already got the MDF base but this will need a fair bit of work before its ready. So this goal will be to finish the desert board. 9 - The Tomb Kings. You'll see from earlier posts that I was building this army last year. I finished enough for about 2 to 3 thousand points but have at least another thousand to go. So the goal is to complete the Tomb Kings I own. So, there you have it. 9 major goals to achieve. Do I think I will do them all? No. But by listing them I'll focus my mind a little more and just might get a little more completed. Looking at the above the two priority projects are the town buildings and the dungeon. I've already put most of the buildings together and started painting the first My next highest priority will be the Malifaux stuff. This should be achievable as I've pretty much done all I have already and only want a few more models for this year. After that I'm not sure and we'll have to see. Oh, one last goal - to keep blogging on a regular basis. This may be one of the more difficult goals but one I will try and achieve. We'll just have to wait and see.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

So no longer do I post something after an age another one appears. There reason being - Malifaux I've recently been introduced to this game by Stu, currently housebound by lots of small people. And what a fantastic little skirmish game it is. For those who have not come across it do so. Its a skirmish game where you have a crew with a master (read general) and minions/henchmen (read red shirts) and you will have a random objective assigned plus a couple of chosen smaller objectives. The winner is the one who best completes their objectives. The model count is very low around 6 to 8 normally, and its played best on a heavily laden 3 * 3 terrain board. So I chose Marcus from the Arcanists as my master He comes in a box starter set with: Miranda the shapechanger A cerberous tiger And a Razorspine Rattler I also picked up a couple of extra models to bring my crew up to the playable game level 3 silurids - think amphibious lizards And finally, a Shinobe And here they are together The buildings you see in the background are some new purchases. They are MDF buildings from a couple of different companies. Gamecraft in the US and Battle Flag in good old blighty. The Battle Flag ones are much easier to put together as they have instructions. The Gamecraft ones have no internal details and no instructions. They are for a wild west town I want to build and will post about them later once I've slapped some paint on them. Well two posts in a day after a year and a bit being quiet is enough for now. My intention is to start posting regularly again, so I will be goal setting again as I have a number of things I want to do this year, including building a dungeon. More on that later.

The Numpty Returns

Well, its been a long time since I've done a post on here but after seeing some of the work my club mates have been up to I thought it about time I got back into it. So, from where I last left off what have I been upto? Well, oddly enough, painting and playing games. Over the last year and half I've slowly stopped playing Warhammer and picked up my brush for Mantic's Kings of War, painting an orc army in entirety and here's the results: Looks like I've got to sort out my flash as when it works the pictures are a little sharper.