Thursday, 11 April 2013

So no longer do I post something after an age another one appears. There reason being - Malifaux I've recently been introduced to this game by Stu, currently housebound by lots of small people. And what a fantastic little skirmish game it is. For those who have not come across it do so. Its a skirmish game where you have a crew with a master (read general) and minions/henchmen (read red shirts) and you will have a random objective assigned plus a couple of chosen smaller objectives. The winner is the one who best completes their objectives. The model count is very low around 6 to 8 normally, and its played best on a heavily laden 3 * 3 terrain board. So I chose Marcus from the Arcanists as my master He comes in a box starter set with: Miranda the shapechanger A cerberous tiger And a Razorspine Rattler I also picked up a couple of extra models to bring my crew up to the playable game level 3 silurids - think amphibious lizards And finally, a Shinobe And here they are together The buildings you see in the background are some new purchases. They are MDF buildings from a couple of different companies. Gamecraft in the US and Battle Flag in good old blighty. The Battle Flag ones are much easier to put together as they have instructions. The Gamecraft ones have no internal details and no instructions. They are for a wild west town I want to build and will post about them later once I've slapped some paint on them. Well two posts in a day after a year and a bit being quiet is enough for now. My intention is to start posting regularly again, so I will be goal setting again as I have a number of things I want to do this year, including building a dungeon. More on that later.


  1. I like the Lizards Craig.. Now hurry up an get Bushido painted :)

  2. Neat little pick-up game by the sounds of it. I'm experimenting with these flatpack/ikea/mdf style building too - shame about the insructions!
    Welcome back to the bogosphere.

  3. Is the dungeon for wargaming or for the kids?!