Monday, 20 January 2014

Let's play catch up

So its been a while but I've finally found time for an update.

Since November I've been working on a few things and completed some.

So for Malifaux I've added a couple more beasts:


and the Hoarcat Pride

I've started using these in games and found the molemen to be really useful and cheap. A nice addition. The Hoarcat pride, however, I need to work with more as I'm not sure how best to use it yet.

I've also been working on Infinity

This is the Yu Jing starter box set. The figures are fantastic but I'm yet to play the game. Waiting on JP to finish his force.

So then I've moved onto another new game - Wild Wext Exodus. This is a new skirmish level game that has just been released. I got involved via the Kickstarter with the figures turning up just after Christmas. I got two factions - Outlaws and Enlightened, with a whole range of extras.

I've put a good proportion of it together and am now painting it
Here's Gustav Eiffell in his infernal contraption:

He's a boss from the Enlightened faction. I'm missing a couple of models which Outlaw Miniatures are forwarding.
I've also been adding to my Wild West town with the following street lamps

I had my first game with Kelly last week and its fast and brutal. Its showing good promise and am looking forward to bigger games in the near future.

And finally here are some gladiators from the Spartacus boardgame:

These were a commission. Not bad detail for boardgame pieces. They've come up well though there was some issue with one of the bases.

So there we have it. Fair bit of flitting from one thing to another which keeps painting a pleasure.

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  1. about time you showed us what you been up too fella