Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Water Cavern part 1

So I got into painting miniatures via role playing, particularly Dungeons and Dragons. That has sort of followed me pretty much to the present day and although I don't really do any roleplaying any more I still feel most at home in fantasy land. And with that in mind I've always wanted to make my own dungeon. A couple of year ago I came across Hirst Arts molds and this was what I'd been looking for. However it took me the next couple of years before I'd give it a go. I resarched the different sorts of plaster, what you needed, what the problems were and watched a number of Youtube vids to get a good idea on what I was letting myself in for. And then I went for it. On Hirst Arts website there are a number of projects you can follow and the Water Caverns was the one for me. So here is where I am at the moment:
As you can see the basics are there. I'd made a number of modular pieces base on blue high density foam. You'll see the river carved out, currently dry. and a number of stand alone pieces - Stalagmites and doorways. Here are some more:
All the pieces come from three of the molds. I spent a couple of weeks constantly casting before I had enough, then went through the process of putting doorways and stalagmites together. Once that had all dried I base coated everything in dark grey. and then started with the colours, followed by various levels of highlight. There's still plenty to do as its not big enough, floor space wise, the river needs finishing and I've got a lot more stalagmites to get through. But I'm happy with what I've done so far. Here are some close up shots with some of the fantasy figures for scale:
And, finally,a couple of shots of the hill giant with other models for scale comparison that Matt asked for.
That's it for now.


  1. Love it! I want a dungeon like that! Glad to see you're back blogging as well!

    1. Also, what game do you play using it?

  2. This is ace - always wanted one but never sorted myself out like you have!
    Cheers jj

  3. At the moment, none. I've got a couple of ideas. One was to come up with some sort of basic dungeon bash game, Something like Hero Quest but with my own rules. The other was for Malifaux, but it needs to be a little bigger. There's also a new game called Wild West Exodus that I've got some stuff coming and I thought that might also be a good scenario.