Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The old and the new

So I've been having a long hard think about the amount of models I have. I know, I know, we all have more stuff than we will ever paint and we buy stuff for projects that never happen. And its with this in mind that I've started a clearing process. So I took a look at some of the stuff that I didn't think I'd either ever get round to painting or would never use again and sent it Ebay's way.

So bye bye, Epic 40K, see ya, Dark Elves, and adios fell bats. This is just the start as I have loads of stuff that I'll either never get round to or that I painted years ago but have not used since.

So that was the old and now the new.

From my friend and a lovely man, Loki, I give you the Butler from Empire of the Dead:

He's a limited edition model that Andy gave me as he didn't really get on with the game and was done as more of a painting project than anything else. I find painting in blacks an interesting challenge but am please with the results. However, not sure when I'll get to use him as the EOTD faction I have are a bunch of mad clerics. I may need to pick up something like the gentleman's club faction as a rival. Something to ponder.

Next up I have a new female cleric from Reaper miniatures:

This is Sora Goldflame and is adding to the ever growing list of fantasy heroes I have. I think I'll need to concentrate on creatures for the heroes to fight as they are currently outnumbered.

And finally I needed some treasure markers.

These are from the Hirst Arts molds I mentioned in a previous post. I've based them to use in Malifaux as objective markers for my Arcanist crew. I've got some crystal markers I want to make but this will do for now.


  1. Good to see you have been busy Craig, nice cavern plenty of detail in this and lots more to come I am sure. You made a lovely job of the butler.

  2. Your dungeon is an extremely nice thing... with some very nice models on it too!

    1. Yes, Matt and I decided we both want it so I propose a Star Trek style fight to the death! And as I proposed it I'm the only one allowed a weapon. Or a Gorn to fight on my behalf...

  3. Well, either when I come up with rules I'm happy with or find some I can steal I'll set up a dungeon bash game. Oh and I need to paint more monsters.