Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Failed at the first hurdle

So I make all these promises and manage to not stick to any of them. So no more promises. I'll just add posts when I can and put up pictures of things I've done.
Above a Beholder from Otherworld miniatures. I love these models and it takes me back to my role playing days many a moon ago. This one I did earlier this year and it gave me the opportunity to have a crack at eyes. I rather like the effect I acheived, though it may not be picked up by the camera. Still learning to take pictures. I have a number of others from this range which I intend to do a bit at a time. Gotta love the classics.
And here's a hill giant that I think came from Reaper Miniatures. The home of the fantasy figure. I'd bought this along with a load of halflings to use in a Mordheim campaign which never happened. So its been sitting in a cabinet waiting for some painting love and I finally found some. And the love for fantasy and Reaper doesn't stop there:
A wizard, cleric and fighter. The wizard is Cadarius from the Reaper range but I can't remember where the cleric and fighter came from. I'm not happy with the bases for the last two so will revisit some time in the near future. And finally for this post:
A classic wizard and a gnome fighter. These two are really old figures that I got from my mate Kelly who is a hoarder of epic proportions, though he is cleansing with the help of Ebay. Well having said I'm not going to make any more commitments I may as well break that now. Next I'll be posting some pictures of a water cavern I have in progress. 'll keep the details until then and, hopefully that will be soon.


  1. Good grief! You're alive!

    Any chance of a picture of the models together? Just wondering what scale that giant is...

  2. Yep. I'll sort out a photo and put it up