Monday, 4 July 2011

July's Challenge

After a successful month of goal reaching and back slapping its time to pick up the brush for this month's challenge. Initially I was looking at completing one full unit a month but am revising that for July as I will have finished that challenge before this week is out.

After completing the first big block of skeles I thought I'd complete the chariot unit, consisting of three chariots with full command.... which I've just about done. Queue pictures:

And a Close up:

And single shots:

You'll see that they are mostly finished. I've got to add the standard and some bow and spear cases and they will be done.

I also painted my first character. It's fairly straight forward. I kept the basing the same to help cement the units together
Take a look:

So that's where I am to date, which leaves me with what to do for this month.

Well, as well as completing the chariot unit I'm also planning on finishing all the other models in the batallion box set I bought which will be 8 skeletons and 8 horse archers. As 8 skeletons are not a unit and the idea is to complete units I'm going to take a note out of cheaphammer's book and turn 8 into 10.

So that's it until next weekend where I'll give an update on my progress.


  1. You're already nearly at the amount I plan to get done this month. And it's only the fifth!

    Do you just want the £1 now? :)

  2. Wow! Can we please have a step by step so we can all learn how to paint so well that quickly?

  3. Not a bad idea. The chariots are all but done so I'll do a step by step with the cavalry.