Friday, 17 June 2011

My virgin post

Well, this is the first time I've had a crack at this.
I've been painting models since I was as wee lad and then in the last few years got into the hell that is wargaming.  Now a fully paid up member I have reached what every gamer does - the ability to never finish a project.  Well that's about to stop.  This blog is primarily to try and finish a project at last and will show what and in what order I paint.  I'll also try to articulate any ideas I manage to translate.

I intend to post whatever I'm working on at the time, which should primarily be a Tomb King's army but I'm fully aware that other shiny toys will get in the way.

Anyway.  Here goes.  I'll post some pictures on Sunday when I work out how to do it.  These will be the test models I've done for the Tomb Kings and I'll talk about my idea then.


  1. Virgins... Cracks... Not even on the 2nd sentence yet! Impressive.