Sunday, 19 June 2011

The first figures painted

Like I said, this is mainy to follow my exploits in building a Tomb King army.

To this end I spent more money than sence and bought the following:

1 battalion box set, the old one
1 Necropolis Knights box
1 Necrosphinx box
1 Liche Priest
1 Tomb King/Priest look-e-like

I've put together a chariot and started on some skeletons, testing out the basing idea that I had.

Here are the first images

And Here's one of he bases I'm planning on using

I'm pretty happy with the bases. Initially I was going to used plasticard but couldn't find any that matched the pattern I was after, so I decided on card instead. I've bought some A5 sheets and then painted them in random oranges, browns, reds, yellows and creams to try and created a ribbles sandstone look. I then cut up the pieces into small squares/rectangles and stuck em to the bases. A bit of filler, some brown low-lights and grass tufts has produced the look I was after, which was that of ancient streets in Nehekra. I'm planning on adding some more debris but for now this works.

Now its time to actually finish a unit.

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  1. Nice :-) Just slow down will you as ive only done 6 figures and i started before you!