Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A bit of this, A bit of that

So, its been a couple of weeks since my last post. So I thought I'd do a catch up.

I seem to be in the enviable position of not having to paint anything specific. So I've been flitting from one type of model to another.

This has helped with keeping my interest and seem to have made me more productive.

So here we go.

Frostgrave is the other new fantasy skirmish game I've picked up recently. It looks like its the successor to Mordheim, GW's fantasy skirmish game, avoiding some of the pitfalls of that game

Here's the first warband I've create, led by Rilkyn the Enchanter.

These, I've enjoyed doing and are the closest thing I've come to painting something needed for a game. I'll cover more on Frostgrave and its campaign system in a later post.

So once I'd finished those I fancied painting some dwarves:

Here we have a dwarf hero with the book of grudges, though I may use him as a cleric. Its an old GW model, though I'm not sure which one. I'm please with how this one turned out.

The unit was a purchase I made in France in a book shop in a medieval town. The things you find. These date back to the 90s and are very reminicent of Citadel sculpts. I'm not certain about the axes and may redo them at some point in the future. Again, not done for any particular game. Just fancied doing some dwarves.

So from there I went onto rebasing and finishing this troll:

This one has been sat in a cabinet, half finished for about 2 years. Now its finished it has been added to the evergrowing Otherworld Skrimish collection.

As have these:

4 giant centipedes from Otherworld miniatures.

And then I received these and had to do them all:

Kobolds!! These are also from Otherworld which I picked up withe the 20% discount I received as part of the rulebook deal. These I really like and were fun to do.

Once these were done I then decided I needed to do more heroes, so painted an elf fighter/thief, again from Otherworld Miniatures:

Again, I really like this model. I really like the action pose the sculptor has put into it.

Once that was done I decided to turn back to Guildball and finished Jac, the last of my Fishermen team:

This was another model I'd started a while ago but lost interest in. An hour or so's work, though, and I'd finished him and he fits nicely with the others.

From there I moved onto Hemlocke - a Union team player. This is one of my favourite models, along with Shark, the fishermen team captain. I'd already painted her once but that was sold with the Alchemists team to Mr Woodward.

And finally I completed work on The Comedian from the Watchmen.

This is the first model I've done for my Batman skirmish game force Kieron showed me a while back. Now that its finished I'll be picking up another to do.
The pictures have not come out that clear. Most of the model is wearing a black uniform/suit which needs highlighting with various greys. Not too much though, otherwise he starts to just look grey.

So that's it. Like I said, not having to concentrate on one set of models seems to have meant that I've got more done which is good for reducing the lead mountain.


  1. This post is a almost a list of games I need to arrange with you. :)

    All looking excellent.

  2. Very nice! I also have the Watchmen!

    Twas me who honked my horn at you on monday by the way in case you didn't know!