Sunday, 28 August 2011

The end is nigh

Well, with it being the last weekend of the month and not having a lot of painting time left what with real life getting in the way I'm following the trend of the x gamers and making this my final post of the month.

So I set myself a challenge of finishing one of my own units and one of Andy's dwarfs and at mid-point I'd managed to finish my unit.

And to cut a long story short, I managed to finish Andy's Thunderers and then a couple of others

The Thunderers:

And from the enemy's point of view:

I found these a different challenge to what I normally do as I've had to adapt my normal style of painting to Andy's as he'd already finished a number of the dwarfs. I think I've managed it.

This left a few days this week so I decided to finish a project I'd started a month or so ago and also eat a little more into Andy's figures.

So for Andy I've painted this rune smith:

And for me, the necro-colossus/Hierotitan, depending on what I want to use it as:

With this I wanted to try and achieve the feeling of the statue just coming to life as it steps down to defend the city and am fairly pleased with the results.

You also may have noticed that none of the dwarfs are based. Well, this isn't me being slapdash. Andy has some ideas how he wants to base them and so I'm leaving it to him. From what he's told me I think they will look fantastic but woe be tide facing them on the field of battle as he's just picked up another forty thunderers as well as a variety of other shooty death.

So for me that's it for this month. Challenge met and extras done.

So to next month:

I'm keeping it simple and splitting my time between mine and Andy's stuff.

So for me I've got a couple of characters and for Andy, a unit of 12 warriors with great weapons. Not a lot, you may say but it means that it should be achievable and I've got an idea for the extra but have to get the materials before I can move forward with it.

So that's it for another week.



  1. All excellent as usual.

    Andy was also going on about the delights of Thorek the other to the game or not, I suspect he's going to be tough to beat.

  2. Hi Craig, Jez from Bath here! Nice blog and nice painting. Hope you guys are all well, seems you have a new club, how's it going at WFC? We're totally nappy with big toys and totally out of control on proportions with it! Check us out on maraudermoments blogspot. We should all catch up sometime, giggle game and drink! Hi to all, take care